lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

My Neighborhood

my neighborhood is nice, quiet, traffic is something that is for one side to a main road, there are many places of recreation, parks, a playground, around us are set to residential apartments and villas is a quiet, although in Today insecurity is everywhere not miss any inconvenience, we have a police station.

The main precautions to walk through my neighborhood is always be aware not to be insecure, do not carry valuables or at least keep them in sight for not giving the facility to the thieves to steal. and remember in my neighborhood or any other q is to be alert, aware that the uncertainty is everywhere.


1.) I often go to the bakery to buy articles of daily consumption. sausages and soda bread, enlataods .. q the frequency of the visit is 3 times a week.

2.) Less often visited the store that I visited with my parents 1 time every 15 days. to buy household items and other things food and personal hygiene.

3.) Every day I go to the bus stop waiting to go one route that goes to college.

4.) Four times per week visited the multipurpose stadium located near my home. to share and play sports with my friends.

5.) Few times a month I go to the sale of fruit would often buy two or three times a month.

6.) Once a month I go to the mall to cancel the basic utility bills from my house.receipts as water, electricity, telephone, gas, and other services.

7.) every day I go to the mall asdadfsdf, I head to the gym and get me through friends in the area to share and talk.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010


HALLOWEEN  (trick or treat) x.x

It is said that Halloween night, the door separating the living world of the Hereafter is opened and the spirits of the dead were a procession in the villages where they lived.

On this night the spirits visited the houses of their relatives, and that spirits do not disturb the villagers had put a candle in the window of his home for every deceased person who had been in the family. If there was a candle in memory of each deceased spirits do not bother your family, if it was not like the spirits are disturbed at night and they were dropped from terrible nightmares.

know what that means halloween??....
derivation of the phrase All Hallow's Eve, the eve of All Saints Day. It was held in Anglo-Saxon countries...  !!  =)

what more is on the day of halloween....
Lamps: Within pumpkins represent images of horror. No doubt some are a favorite accessory. Muerciélagos: With owls are associated with the belief of communication with the dead. Black cat: According to tradition, is the reincarnation of the evil dead.
maybe this day be prepared you may not be among the living....

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

My Friend

questions to my friend
1-what's your name?
my name is patricia
2-how old are you?
I 22 years old
3-where are you from?
I'm from Venezuela
4-what's your e-mail address?
my e-mails
5-what's your phone number?
phone is 0426-8384699
6-what do you do?
I am secretary
7-what are your hobbis and interezts
hobby is play games online
8-what is your PIN
my PIN is DARFA123.
9-what is your twiter?
my twiter ia paty99.


Hi, My name’s Jose  Amundaray, I’m from Maracaibo. I live in Las lomas. I’m 20 years old and I study industrial engineering at URBE.

I like sports, especially football, I like watching the games q pass through the sports channels, I also like to be informed about news around the world, for this watch CNN, I like to spend much time on the Internet for games news and social networks to meet new friends both in and outside the country.

 I have two younger sisters, who live with my family, my mother, sisters, my father, my grandmother and me =).

 We are a very close family, we try to spend as much time together that we enjoy.